Improve Your Customers' Shopping Experience

We're here to tackle your retail store construction project in Abilene, TX

Customer service is a top priority in retail, and that all starts with the retail store construction process. You want to find a commercial contractor that can tailor the construction to fit your business' needs. At Edge Construction in Abilene, TX, we offer customized design plans to create a store you'll be proud of. Call us today to schedule your first appointment.

retail store construction abilene tx

Make your store unique with a custom design

We want you to feel like your retail store construction project in Abilene, TX is truly your own, with unique designs down to the minute details. Our custom design plans are designed to help you pay attention to the little things, such as:

  • Window displays and product staging
  • Break rooms and recreational areas for employees
  • Extra storage space for your inventory
  • Security cameras and other safety features
Choose a commercial contractor that will bring your vision to life. Call 325-261-3374 today to take the first step toward building your ideal store.